1009 Ocean Shore Blvd Ormond Beach, FL 32176

Around the Coral Sands

Our Sign at the Main Entrance, 1009 Ocean Sore Blvd.
Ok try to find this at your standard hotel! Better enjoy this while we can!
Our pool and south cottage area.
The main entrance to our Lobby, Check in, grab a morning paper, or a fresh cup of coffee.
Our Grand Entrance to the Coral Sands, a quick check in and your ready to start your vacation!
North Gazebo walkway.
WOW, green lawns, private entrances!
Our South Gazebo is great to relax and read a book, or gather with family and friends. Anything you want to do!
South patio area & signature South gazebo.
View of North Gazebo and Beach from the North side Tower
Don’t want to lay on the pool deck? Great throw down a beach towel, a picnic basket, a lounge chair, or how about playing a game of volleyball, a little soccer, frisbie, etc.
Hibiscus in bloom!
One of our guests fishing on the beach.
One of our wonderful guests took this on our beach recently.
Signature oceanfront South Gazebo & Seaside Cottages
A breathtaking view of the beach and foliage.
Our Signature oceanfront gazebo on the South side of our property.
Sunrise in the front of our hotel
Sunrise at our signature oceanfront North gazebo.
Welcome to Coral Sands!
Lush landscaping and gazebo
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